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Eden Li70 (37.43%)11415942012-04-242012-06-0744 days, 5:14:18181
Chris Piro29 (15.51%)2621572012-05-112012-06-0524 days, 8:28:3392
Nick Chang27 (14.44%)23615432012-05-172012-06-0418 days, 2:19:07103
Scott Taylor21 (11.23%)5831512012-04-232012-06-0846 days, 5:42:45124
Andrew Lin13 (6.95%)1347782012-05-102012-06-0324 days, 10:02:5875
Wei Hsu10 (5.35%)631832012-04-082012-05-0122 days, 19:11:2556
Devin Murphy5 (2.67%)7401012012-04-052012-04-115 days, 19:10:5747
Kirt Fitzpatrick4 (2.14%)28366412012-04-102012-04-106:00:2418
Benjamin Stover4 (2.14%)3872802012-05-232012-05-306 days, 22:53:1649
Itai Zukerman2 (1.07%)107902012-05-032012-05-2926 days, 2:59:17210
nick1 (0.53%)222012-05-172012-05-170:00:00111
Walt Lin1 (0.53%)112012-05-172012-05-170:00:00112

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MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012-06Nick Chang9 (40.91% of 22)Chris Piro, Scott Taylor, Eden Li, Andrew Lin5
2012-05Eden Li48 (39.02% of 123)Chris Piro, Nick Chang, Scott Taylor, Andrew Lin, Wei Hsu10
2012-04Eden Li20 (47.62% of 42)Scott Taylor, Wei Hsu, Devin Murphy, Kirt Fitzpatrick5

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YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012Eden Li70 (37.43% of 187)Chris Piro, Nick Chang, Scott Taylor, Andrew Lin, Wei Hsu12

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DomainsTotal (%)
gmail.com87 (46.52%)
airtime.com50 (26.74%)
furiki.com27 (14.44%)
railsnewbie.com21 (11.23%)
erly.com2 (1.07%)
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