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AuthorCommits (%)+ lines- linesFirst commitLast commitAgeActive days# by commits
Walt Lin118 (65.19%)644231442012-03-202012-05-3172 days, 19:34:04311
Andrew Lin33 (18.23%)124593482012-04-112012-05-3150 days, 7:29:00112
Itai Zukerman15 (8.29%)10593542012-03-212012-06-0171 days, 18:06:2583
Scott Taylor7 (3.87%)83332012-03-202012-05-0848 days, 23:20:0844
Chris Piro4 (2.21%)39162012-06-012012-06-010:53:5915
Nick Chang2 (1.10%)11612012-04-042012-04-040:22:0716
Eden Li2 (1.10%)222012-05-312012-05-310:12:1217

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MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012-06Chris Piro4 (66.67% of 6)Itai Zukerman2
2012-05Andrew Lin30 (54.55% of 55)Walt Lin, Itai Zukerman, Eden Li, Scott Taylor5
2012-04Walt Lin59 (81.94% of 72)Scott Taylor, Itai Zukerman, Andrew Lin, Nick Chang5
2012-03Walt Lin42 (87.50% of 48)Itai Zukerman, Scott Taylor3

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YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012Walt Lin118 (65.19% of 181)Andrew Lin, Itai Zukerman, Scott Taylor, Chris Piro, Nick Chang7

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DomainsTotal (%)
erly.com120 (66.30%)
gmail.com35 (19.34%)
airtime.com19 (10.50%)
railsnewbie.com7 (3.87%)
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