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Mark Jen773 (19.81%)115147949702010-08-202012-05-30649 days, 8:59:022701
Joey Liaw473 (12.12%)83354556012010-09-092012-06-01631 days, 3:57:301612
Nick Chang364 (9.33%)1068537822012-03-202012-06-0980 days, 16:48:38603
Eden Li289 (7.40%)1259373062012-03-062012-06-0995 days, 0:19:10624
Walt Lin219 (5.61%)23138391242012-03-192012-06-0981 days, 22:43:18475
Andrew Lin216 (5.53%)32978127892012-03-142012-06-0885 days, 23:52:29506
Stas Nikiforov203 (5.20%)1389482872012-03-092012-06-0891 days, 0:05:09517
Jonathan Baudanza160 (4.10%)1368644722011-11-292012-04-06128 days, 19:01:32748
Benjamin Stover158 (4.05%)15682116832011-09-122012-06-06267 days, 16:00:27819
Wei Hsu156 (4.00%)824022592011-08-312012-06-06280 days, 2:43:308910
Amber Dixon141 (3.61%)372814342012-03-202012-06-0880 days, 0:39:144211
Ebby Amirebrahimi140 (3.59%)1261451432011-12-162012-06-08175 days, 2:29:516812
Eric Feng108 (2.77%)22869832012-03-292012-06-0770 days, 0:06:244213
Chris Piro96 (2.46%)8447116982011-10-182012-06-07233 days, 4:46:053914
Heather Rivers91 (2.33%)1548570772011-01-052011-07-12187 days, 13:45:015815
Itai Zukerman74 (1.90%)488522152012-01-112012-06-07148 days, 3:13:014616
jl54 (1.38%)594214582010-05-212010-09-01102 days, 21:40:081217
Emma Zhou40 (1.02%)375826592012-03-022012-06-0594 days, 19:22:552418
Scott Taylor34 (0.87%)10532182012-03-232012-06-0877 days, 6:59:121719
Kyle Stoneman30 (0.77%)8734292012-03-272012-06-0772 days, 1:29:262020

These didn't make it to the top: Rosa Wu, Matthew Cahill, Matt Cahill, Devin Murphy, Kyle, timoni, ebby, Larry, Gareth Aye, ericifeng, Shawn Fanning

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MonthAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012-06Nick Chang80 (14.31% of 559)Eden Li, Andrew Lin, Walt Lin, Amber Dixon, Ebby Amirebrahimi24
2012-05Nick Chang158 (20.08% of 787)Eden Li, Stas Nikiforov, Andrew Lin, Amber Dixon, Walt Lin19
2012-04Nick Chang88 (18.03% of 488)Walt Lin, Andrew Lin, Stas Nikiforov, Eden Li, Ebby Amirebrahimi19
2012-03Eden Li50 (13.74% of 364)Mark Jen, Nick Chang, Walt Lin, Wei Hsu, Jonathan Baudanza20
2012-02Jonathan Baudanza33 (24.81% of 133)Wei Hsu, Mark Jen, Joey Liaw, Itai Zukerman, Benjamin Stover9
2012-01Jonathan Baudanza48 (20.69% of 232)Mark Jen, Joey Liaw, Benjamin Stover, Wei Hsu, Itai Zukerman10
2011-12Jonathan Baudanza36 (37.11% of 97)Mark Jen, Wei Hsu, Joey Liaw, Benjamin Stover, Ebby Amirebrahimi8
2011-11Benjamin Stover21 (37.50% of 56)Mark Jen, Wei Hsu, Jonathan Baudanza, Joey Liaw, Devin Murphy7
2011-10Mark Jen23 (29.49% of 78)Joey Liaw, Chris Piro, Wei Hsu, Benjamin Stover5
2011-09Mark Jen71 (54.20% of 131)Wei Hsu, Joey Liaw, Benjamin Stover4
2011-08Mark Jen19 (51.35% of 37)Joey Liaw, Wei Hsu3
2011-07Mark Jen25 (45.45% of 55)Joey Liaw, Heather Rivers3
2011-06Mark Jen43 (44.79% of 96)Joey Liaw, Heather Rivers, Matt Cahill4
2011-05Mark Jen73 (43.71% of 167)Joey Liaw, Heather Rivers, Matt Cahill4
2011-04Mark Jen62 (48.06% of 129)Joey Liaw, Heather Rivers, Matt Cahill4
2011-03Mark Jen39 (65.00% of 60)Joey Liaw, Heather Rivers3
2011-02Mark Jen28 (80.00% of 35)Heather Rivers, Joey Liaw3
2011-01Mark Jen28 (65.12% of 43)Heather Rivers, Joey Liaw3
2010-12Joey Liaw48 (54.55% of 88)Mark Jen2
2010-11Mark Jen19 (65.52% of 29)Joey Liaw2
2010-10Mark Jen53 (68.83% of 77)Joey Liaw2
2010-09Mark Jen54 (55.10% of 98)Joey Liaw, jl3
2010-08jl16 (61.54% of 26)Mark Jen2
2010-07jl2 (100.00% of 2)1
2010-05jl35 (97.22% of 36)Shawn Fanning2

Author of Year

YearAuthorCommits (%)Next top 5Number of authors
2012Nick Chang364 (14.20% of 2563)Eden Li, Walt Lin, Andrew Lin, Stas Nikiforov, Mark Jen28
2011Mark Jen452 (45.93% of 984)Joey Liaw, Heather Rivers, Wei Hsu, Benjamin Stover, Jonathan Baudanza10
2010Mark Jen176 (49.44% of 356)Joey Liaw, jl, Shawn Fanning4

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airtime.com2677 (68.59%)
fitly.com906 (23.21%)
erly.com232 (5.94%)
sr54 (1.38%)
markbook.corp.fitly.com11 (0.28%)
kylestoneman.com6 (0.15%)
gmail.com6 (0.15%)
matthewcahill.com5 (0.13%)
Mark-Jens-MacBook-Pro.local2 (0.05%)
zefi.local1 (0.03%)
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